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Campfire stories / Was only going back to my lootpile
« on: January 02, 2017, 04:10:59 PM »
Was watching some people fighting in grishino, after one squad killed the other, i finished of the surviving one.
after getting to much loot, i needed something that i dropped of erlier, a hunter scope, a spray can, and my teddy, and someone was about to take it away from me....

Campfire stories / When you find blanks for the winchester....
« on: December 29, 2016, 12:21:50 PM »
apperently i only found some blanks for the winchester,  :'(

Campfire stories / Just DayZ nothing els!
« on: April 17, 2016, 09:51:14 PM »

Sometime its nice to just stop what you are doing, leave every must on hold, and look

Campfire stories / 3 man squad wipe "ala frederik crew"
« on: April 15, 2016, 06:28:06 PM »
its only one of the kills shown in the video, but the most giving one  :-*  suck on it Frederik ;D

Alright, the sad part is that i dont have any video about this, exept a few screenshots! but yeah anyways ill get right to it!

So yesterday, me and my lovely teamplayer was out for some action.
We looted a few towns got everything we needed to be in perfect condition to do what ever dayz can throw in your face!
So our plan for the night was to get up to NWAF too see if we could find some players and help them back to the coast since thats our main hobby ingame, we dont eat people in our group, you can see us more of a traveling company, you come to us, and we send you to the beach ;-)
So we are finally just at the east side of NWAF and its time to start moving towards the walls when i see that i got food poisoned! a few days ago we were fighting cholera and now this, to destroy our night... time to head back towards a town.. finding charcolet tabs (now i know better, that they arnt that needed,. but ill get to it soon) and everyone knows when you are trying to find something you NEED! you´ll prolly wont find it. so our hopes kinda flew away, thinking that NWAF will have to wait, time to get healthy again! and no time to was, and we starting to loot everything that spawns anything to be able to find em... but no luck... so we deside to head towards novaya petrovka to check the hospital area if we maybe could just have abit of luck, and maybe maybe maybe see abit of the airfield before its time to put dayz aside for the evening..
a few minutes goes by as we loot everything when going to town, and suddenly i hear my mate say that he sees someone.. and i thought its me cuz we were just kinda close and he strongly suggest me helping him cuz the other player is for sure not myself! i sneak in to a house and see right away that he is right there is someone els! but he looks abit speciall got weird clothing from our bandit regular looks, full camos you know! bandits we are, and notis his armband right away! *he has friends, we are in a hurry lets move it or lose it, drop this f#cker*
and we took a shot, got somewhat intense the guy had a magnum, my friend was in close range.. nothing could be done! the survivor guy got knocked out, and my friend wanted to tie him up.. at that moment i started to stress out abit about who this guy is! what he was wearing! so i ask my friend multible times on ts! check his name check his name! and i hear him saying Billy! his name is Billy! and i just told him not to do anything to him, as i know who this guy is! i ran up too them both, starting to talk with billy right way, apologizing for what just happend, and asked him if he could stand up and follow us to a nearby house, where we could just have a bit of time to talk..
so we get in to the house. and the guy is abit mad that we shot at him without talking.. *we did talk but yeah, we are bandits* and im just starting to explain what happen, why it happend. and why im now so into saving this guy. im checking his gear and i see we ruined some of his items, magnum bullets what i notised first. since i kinda knew who the guy was. i quickly replaced his ruined one, towards the same amount of prestine ones! you cant leave a survivor totally harmless, and only one bolt in his crossbow! and i replace the 2nd thing i would do if my shit got trashed. was to give him a new waterbottle. we allt need em!
now here comes the funny part, the guy had chartabs!:D but it was in the jacked we totally ruined, exept just this one little tiny item of my life saving tabs. i'm saved! and it did go so much faster than i tought! now we will have time for NWAF even tho we tought it was hopeless for the night!
after some more minutes goes by, he told me this trick to get rid of foodpoisoning! and that i dont need the charcole tabs to get healty, and this is when i starting to tell him who i am, and as fast as he heard my name we started laughing at it all ! it was a nice encounter even tho both sides of this had abit of loss gearwise! the evening after this ended well a few holliday seeking party people got sent towards the beach!

like most time in dayz, when you need something you never find it, but in this case the most wierd way possible got just what we wanted!

and i wanna say a BIG hello to Yorlik! its an very nice guy! i hope too see ya some other time!

just wanted to share a good moment on the server!
and if you tought this suckd and was the biggest timewaste of your life then im very happy about it, just grow old and gray !

Oldschool DayZ Hardcore Server / [NORTH] clan
« on: April 08, 2016, 07:18:24 PM »
Heey what´s up guys, just wanted to say hello cuz it seems like we run in to eachothers everynow and then. (not 100% sure tho) but i guess you are the guys fancy SVD´s mostly of the time..
been trying to track you down when you fellas are online. and if im not totally wrong i found you guys today running from VMC toward vybor when me and a friend started to pick you down. first in the middle of the field at the crossing. another one trying to escape towards NWAF but only got halfway to the pond. 3rd guy (the one with SVD who got instagibbed when trying to be stealth at the pond) and finally got the SVD we tryd to get last night, around the same place.

so if it was you guys! let me know! and now you also know who´s been bugging you ;-)

hope to see ya up here soon again! cheers mates!

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