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Campfire stories / Oldschool 18.4 holdup gone wrong
« on: April 20, 2016, 01:16:43 AM »

Oldschool DayZ Hardcore Server / Re: Who shot who and where?
« on: April 09, 2016, 09:43:09 PM »
Hehe. Good job man. Let me explain what happened from our perspective.

What happened before you came and ended us:
I had met up with 2 players outside of Kamyshovo, and we decided heading north. (later another joined teamspeak aswell). We had been on a trip all over the place, traded kills with one in Mogilevka, but other than this one person encountered no-one. Not even anyone at Myshkino tents. That is until we ended up in Zelenogorsk. I spotted some guy sniping in the woodline over the school in Zeleno, and the 4 of us decided to go and try to hold this person up. When we got there, the sniper was gone. We decided next time it would be smart to have one guy directing the others towards enemy players by using binoculars.

Shortly after we spotted 2 fully geared guys in the woodline behind the red barn(same place you got us, actually excactly the same tree), and decided to try the new tactic. I was going to keep a lookout on given guys, and the other 3 were supposed to engage the 2 players up in the barn area.

At this point it should be said that 2/4 out of our team guys were new to the game, one with 30 hours and another with -150. So they didnt really understood where to go. One ended up towards the red barn(the veteran). The 2nd ended up in some brick house and the 3rd went to police station. As it turned out, the two of our team in Zeleno, were spotted by the 2 guys from red barn. So at this point we had one guy heading towards their spotter, and one of them heading towards our disoriented teammates. 

The veteran managed to kill their spotter, at excactly the same spot you later turned up.
The one heading into town was more difficult to get a hold on.  I tried explaining where this one guy was coming from, but to no use to my . One of our mates were killed, but we avanged him shortly after.

So the battle ended with 3/4 of us alive, 2/2 of them dead. The enemy we killed in town had limited loot(we couldnt find his gun). All 3 of us tried finding it, but it seems to have disappeared when he died. We wanted to check the other body too, which definitivly was dead "it said he had no pulse, so he must be dead" i remember being said.
Here you come in.
We went up towards the red barn to check the other body. I told them "5 min has passed, and you killed him, so body will have disappeared". But we went up to check the body anyway.
To our surprise the body at red barn was still there(at least we thought it was lol) "Go check if you can loot him" i remember saying. My mate went over to check his body and said "its moving, hes still alive". I said:"lets hold him up, tell him to press f2", and then used direct chat "f2 dude" towards you(didnt you hear this?). I think you were taken off guard and went up from your lying down position. At this point i think my mate said "sorry, but you have to die"(we thought you were the same person we had killed earlier at that position) and he must have missed his shots because you were running around there. Then I started shooting mosin and missing too and you ended up killing the both of us. The last guy didnt know where this was taking place either I think, but must have heared the gunshots. He ran towards you and got killed too. We talked a little after and thought it was a 3rd guy in their team. But you were not with them as it turns out.

I tried taking video as we were moving around. But my disc got full, and had to delete it.

Oldschool DayZ Hardcore Server / Re: Who shot who and where?
« on: April 08, 2016, 04:17:14 PM »
Was providing overwatch for a friend in zeleno yesterday, with an MP5 that had a broken acog on it (tough times). Suddenly I hear feint footsteps, a couple of seconds later a guy comes up to me, gun up, says "sorry, but you must die", shoots me and misses as I get up, I kill him, his friend charges in, spraying, I kill him too. Thinking I am done, I see a 3rd guy, who, just like in the movie, starts running after he sees two of his friends drop, I shoot him, run out of ammo, but he drops unconscious and I finish him off, all 3 bodies glitch and I can't loot any of them, but I survive unscratched vs 3 guys with a single MP5 mag.

Was this taking place a 024 106(red barn overlooking Zeleno) between 21-2200 gmt+1?

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