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They're asking for  DayZ SA , otherwise  they could  immediately add  higher numbers  ;)

If we  do  a Persistence wipe  cause of "Fairness" to all newer Oldschoolers ,lets make  it to a real  fair race.
Peristence Wipe Sunday 18:00 CET for example cause. 95% of all Barrels gonna find their Owner within the first24-48hours.
So we would have a little event  going on .

Gonna vote for the bigger Camp.

Oldschool DayZ Hardcore Server / Re: Ban or no ban ?
« on: April 19, 2016, 06:51:02 PM »
I totaly forgott that we already have ingamerecords/Demos to analyze . Ofcourse they're clean   ::)


Since i can remember Ppls try to get an advantage with  an 2nd. account in computergames  and its not rare that this case of tricking is  forbidden. ( For example ESL = 12 pps  , youre out )

Those extra accounts   are not forced to a single Person and not even the  number of those Chars are regulated ,   ringer accounts are dirty in my eyes and all other  than legit if  a guy gets an 2nd chance on the NWA for example.

But I know for  a bit longer that  alot  Players Use a second char and never complained against it ,  maybe cause i cant realize it if i died by a ringor char .

As an  loney  Iam outnumbered anyway on Oldschool.

I heard there's a new  trader in town, with a special business plan.

Too bad nobody likes fishy loot.      :-X

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