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Oh, I forgot ..... and he is banned.  ;-)

Big thumbs up for you admins! Thanks!

silenced guns are not COMPLETELY silent ;) Tested it with my friends and also heard gunshots when we got ambushed. No sound doesn't have to be cheat too- might be a bug (they are still happening). About shot through wall- where were you standing and in which stance was your character? Did you checked whole building? For example ppl can wait in room on 1st floor and run out when somebody is starting to climb on stairs- sometimes it's difficult to hear 2nd person, because the ambusher can (or be lucky enough) to synchronize with your footsteps, so won't realise that somebody is following you until it's too late. Thanks for attention :)

Hi! I checked the whole building, and went standing on a place where I had walls everywhere except in front of me. Didn't see or hear anyone there. Suddenly, a loud SPLAT, "You have died." So the only possible explanations for me were: 1) Someone is hacking 2) or someone was faster than lightning, spawned next to me with a super fast computer which loads everything while I blink, and shoots me without making any sounds. So yeah, I think it must've been a hacker... hope he will get caught :)

1) Fair enough, still didn't see anyone inside the barracks
2) I only assumed it was a headshot, since I got killed by only one shot. By saying that I was shot through a wall, I meant that I was in a safe position inside a building and heard no footsteps or gun shots before suddenly dying.
3) It was the second restart in less than an hour. Even if the person logged in on my exact location, I would've noticed it.

I got shot through the wall today at about 17:55 CET. The place was the unnamed, abandoned military base 3 kilometers west from Novodmitrovsk.

Just a couple of minutes before this incident the server suddenly restarted after being up for only an hour or less (no matter what it says about the playing time on the screenshot). I had cleared the whole military area before the restart at around 17:50, and I was about to do it again, when I got shot through a wall at the biggest military building of the area. I heard only a "splat" sound of a head shot. Didn't hear a gunshot, footsteps or anything. Didn't see anyone, and unless someone followed me (which I would've heard), no-one would've been able to see me.

I wouldn't post this if there was a way this was just a normal kill. Therefore, I hope something could be done about it.

As a screenshot, the list of the players online 5 minutes after the incident.

Campfire stories / Re: [VID] Ambushing a truck
« on: January 17, 2015, 02:16:39 PM »
Nice ambush guys!

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