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Campfire stories / Unarmed and shot in the back by PK or associates
« on: April 12, 2015, 12:51:09 AM »
Running through the northern woods, gun in hand, heading out to meet some friends. Suddenly a guy is running straight at me in the forest, and we obviously both sense the impending danger. He steps behind a tree and pulls out his gun. As i'm already holding my weapon I have the advantage, and tell him not to pull out his gun, and come out. He complies, calls out that he's a peacekeeper, and steps out. I lower my gun, and doesn't consider the situation a danger any longer, as I have (had) confidence in the team of peacekeepers. We talk for a few minutes, and aren't going the same way, so we say goodbye and have a nice day. I don't consider this a hostile encounter.

Later on, i meet 3 fellas on the road. I'm unarmed, and stop to have a talk. If they wanna shoot me, i'm practically surrounded, and can't do much anyway. As soon as one of these players check my name, he raises his gun and tells me to strip naked. I'm sorry, but it's cold, and i'd rather give you ruined gear off my ruined body, then let u strip everything, and have your way. I run, and get shot down before i take 3 steps. Fair deal. It's DayZ, and that happens all the time. But as the killer is standing over my body, he tells me i tried to kill one of their peacekeeper friends, and this is why i'm shot. This can only be my previously described encounter. But if that encounter is where i "tried to kill him", communication must have somehow broken down. I never found out if my killers where themselves peacekeepers, or just friends of same. But nonetheless, i would suggest everyone to approach these judge, jury and executioners with caution, as the "peacekeeping" militia roaming oldschool, may not be as peaceful afterall, though the name would imply differently. It's all just a clever ruse.

I have had several encounters with peacekeepers, where none have so far had to end violently. And i might add, me and mine have had the upper hand in every encounter thus far. First time it's the other way around, death ensues.

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