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Server Events / [ EVENT ] Storm the Castle
« on: April 10, 2017, 09:52:41 PM »

Storm the Castle event will take place on sunday 16 april 20.00 CET

A ragtag crew of hobos will defend the tower with only bows against all sort of assailants. At the very top there is great treasure including a fully decked FAL with plenty of ammo.

As we all now storming the castle is hard, you are not able to aim very high and the defenders have a great advantage when shooting down. The defenders will only be equipped with bows to level out the odds in favour of the attackers. We hope that competing squads, lonewolf snipers, the defenders and all sorts of oldschool vigilantes prowling around the castle will create some great and memorable encounters for everyone.

The defenders will try to protect the castle until they die but we promise we will stay nestled in the stairs for at least 2 hours. Who knows though, the defenders might not last more than ten minutes, maybe you should be quick rather than sneaky?

  • It is not allowed to spawn within the enterable tower itself.
  • Defenders will not pick up any weapons (but may drag off gear to increase the loot pile).
  • Defenders may use meelee weapons like axes, bats etc.
  • Defenders will number 8 at most.
  • Normal server rules apply for combat logging and all other heinous acts of dubious moral.

More treasure will be announced during the week (oh boy do we have a goodie in store for you guys) as well as the defenders and castle location.

See you on Oldschool,


Confirmed hobo defenders are as follows:

Mbok and John Doe.

From FN we have Cameljohn.

The newly opened Butcher Shop has also decided to join, Alabama Man and Hecky will make a fire on top of the tower and prepare a feast for any hungry defenders that wish to partake.

Also, big props goes to Alabama Man for donating an SVD to the treasure!


The Castle is (drumroll) DEVILS CASTLE. Yes, you guessed correctly boys and girls. This classic location has it all, fields, ruins, treelines, hills and the list goes on. Perfect for nasty encounters. At 20.00 CET the server will be password protected for ten minutes so we can set everything up and then go back to normal. Just remember the most important rule: It is forbidden to log into the enterable tower.

On top there will be a blue tent with the FAL, mag and acog and 120 extra rounds of winnie ammo. And also a fully decked SVD.

All dead players will be cooked and eaten by the defenders.

The team now consists of:

John Doe
Alabama Man

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