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Campfire stories / Charity company : Accadacca & Jingles
« on: April 12, 2015, 09:47:47 PM »
Greetings everybody,from the charity group of Bambiland! If you need any food,water,starting items just come to Berezino,and we will find you! Take for free any item from Green pepper seeds to chinese fresh rice. Come now and get a free can of Pipsi with it aswell!
Ever felt like being helpess,without food,without any kind of weapons to defend yourself, without any way of surviving as a Bambi in this harsh world. Well say no more, and just head in to Bereizno to the Charity company of Accadacca & Jingles. Unlimited food, drinks , weapons and many more , just here, just now, for free! Every bambi is welcomed!
Ever felt like being not of any use to the world anymore, the world is dieing as it is and you feel like you are going down with it? Well time to make a change! Just head into Berezino to the Charity company and become of use. Lots of new posibilities and jobs are availible for the better of mankind! Farmer, scavenger, shooter, medic and many more! Come and find out what you are good at! We are stronger together.
 Donations of any kind are acceptable. Every donation goes 100% for the bambies.   #We#Care              ~ Charity company : Accadacca & Jingles

Campfire stories / The story of Acca and his "Mama"
« on: December 31, 2014, 11:24:20 AM »

It is me again,i am back! Have a look at this big roleplay adventure of the little boy Acca and his mother.Watch as he gathers people for the funeral of his mother.Is it a final goodbye,or is it a reunion? It is a roller coaster of emotions,that is all i can say :D .Watch from beggining to the end for the full experience. Thank you!

Oldschool DayZ Hardcore Server / K O S - Kill on sight
« on: December 10, 2014, 11:51:26 PM »
I dont want to be like someone telling you how to play the game or anything,the main reason why i love it is because of that,the freedom.To do everything you want and no one to stop you,but..But please,if you are fully geared,or you dont even need to be fully geared,but give people a chance,especially people that run around without gun in their hands.If they run without guns in their hands,thats saying something...Give people a chance,atleast try to and i bet,you'll be surprised.  I was running around Zelenogorsk without gun in my hands,because thats what i do,im friendly.I get shot on sight by 2 fully geared guys that are probably bored as hell running around and killing everything that moves.That is okay,kill people if that makes you happy,but make it so the victim can have fun aswell,especially if hes running around with no guns in his hands.Arrest the man or w/e , torture him,whatever you wish to do,you can and its more fun than to do it in 1 second,just 1 shot and its all over for the killers and the victim.The killers will just check his gear,all ruined and carry on,the victim will be pissed.Dont kill him on sight and everyone is happy,in a way...If you do see someone running with guns in their hands,shoot , its ok,hes a threat.But if not just try to give him a chance,or kill him if your so bloodthirsty,but make it so the victim doesnt instantly see the You are dead. screen..       What do you think of this?

Campfire stories / I thought that CN99 have gone friendly.I was wrong.
« on: December 02, 2014, 02:31:42 AM »

Campfire stories / Dayz fun with Staetdy,Bubir and Djigan.
« on: November 30, 2014, 01:43:18 PM »
 .It took me a while to make it,be sure to watch from beggining to the ending.It was a fun and funny experience!

Oldschool DayZ Hardcore Server / The local Chernarus police.
« on: November 27, 2014, 01:09:45 AM »
All i see around is people doing havoc and slaughtering people for no reason.Ive been a victim of it myself.After getting killed i was lost,alone,helpless with no one to go to to ask for help.So i called my squad in and captured those bandits and made em apologize for what they did.I want people,when they are feeling helpless to have a place to go to,to ask for support and help.So me Accadacca,Jingles,Djigan,Chris,Vincent are offering full protection to people in need of help againts bandits.We volunteer to become the local Chernarus police of OldschoolDayz server.

I am pretty new to this server,and i love it.But there is one major problem..Not many players are playing on it.Please start doing something that will attract more people to this server.If you want i can do it myself..Thank you!

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