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Oldschool DayZ Hardcore Server / Endgame weapon comparison
« on: January 27, 2015, 03:19:51 PM »
Ladies and gentlemen, please help me out, post your thoughts and/or personal experience ;)
Thank you!

Campfire stories / The three yellow boxes aka The three bloody bears
« on: December 28, 2014, 03:47:23 AM »
Now, after finally calming down, I will try to recall the events of this crazy evening.
(wall of text incoming;)

For me the 'race' started at Pavlovo village. Before the servers went down for preparation we were slaughtered at a Pavlovo barrack together with Zenith, a really awsome guy I met just outside the base, but fortunately my friend Striker who was nearby managed to deal with the camper so having respawned in Cherno I decided to make a run for it. So there I was, thirsty, starving, freezing, wearing nothing but a pair of jeans, trainers and a ruined chest rig, with a Mosin on my back and a can of peaches in my pocket when I read that the event is taking place far up in the North. By the time we walk there, if we even reach it, everything would be over we thought. The other two members of our group were in Berezino and Nadezhdino. Things looked grim. Anyhow we decided to give it a go, so from Pavlovo we went towards Zelenogorsk at first. While approaching the town, and looking around hoping for a crash site, I spot a bright blue V3S truck at a little industrial compound. Didn't even know they could appear there. Practically at the same time our friend Shock happens to find a gas can off in Nadezhdino, so we decide to meet up and refuel near Pogorevka. Perhaps we still have a chance?
Arriving there, not only I get a gas can, but a LRS and compensator. "You need them more then I do... the car cant take three people anyway, I'll see what I can find around here" Shock tells me, so we drive off leaving him behind. Not even 15 seconds pass, as I hear AK bursts. Shock is dead, but the AK is still going, and I can hear the bullets hitting our truck. Should we stop and try fighting back? The risk is too high, so I cross my fingers and push on the gas. The shots are further and further, until they stop. While we are driving Shock respawns in Novo, so the plan is to pick him up after I drop off Striker in Novaya Petrovka to begin the search. Until then the road is quite, but about 30 seconds after dropping him off I hear a brief firefight. "Im dead! Im dead! Get out of here NOW!" my friend is shouting, and I rush towards Novo, not being able to even close the passenger door. And what a ride it was! The truck was being shot at all the time, from everywhere! AK's, SKS's, Repeaters, Blazes and shotguns and pistols, you name it.... honestly I should not have lived through that. While going through Severograd I pass our fourth friend Kpomca4 who just arrived from Berezino. He's engaged in a firefight with an unknown number of hostiles.
"We wont be able to find anything here, we just wont survive" he tells me, "you better go try somewhere else". So I manage to get out of Severograd, the car still under almost constant fire, and make my way to Svergino to meet with Shock, who already had  killed a few people on his short trip from Novo. "The Tower is bugged with loot, people are just murdering each other there!".
I wish I could have seen that, but we are on a mission, so I decide to go to the northern-most military base. After all I thought, where else to hide a bear, than that god-forsaken place, and maybe I'll even get myself a jacket or something as a bonus. I couldn't have been more wrong- the place was absolutely empty. So next stop was Kamensk, where we decided I'll get out while Shock will go help get the others out of the bloodbath that Severograd and its surroundings have become. But the moment I jump out, I hear AK go live, by what it sounded like- no more then 20-30 meters away. I have no idea how I was not shot dead right there, as I heard the bullets hitting the metal truck behind me. I sprinted into the trees, with the AK still firing somewhere way too close. Perhaps the guy could not choose whom he wanted to shoot more, me or the driver, so that saved us both? Anyhow, it was my first time ever in that area of the map, so I had absolutely no idea where I was going. I ran around the houses, bursts firing somewhere behind my back from time to time. I was hoping that maybe I will at least find the bear and read the note before I die, but there was nothing to find. I finally saw some dirt road leaving away from the town going west, so I headed there. North of it were some steep hills with rocky cliffs on top. I thought I might climb those, and maybe get an advantage with my sniper rifle over an AK from up there, so I did. But the AK guy never came, maybe he lost me somewhere in the town, maybe someone else came for him, I don't know. Eventually I returned to the road and followed it until it got me to a place called Stary Jar. Just as I entered I saw a small wooden house in the distance, the kind that would possibly have a firearm inside, so I was crossing my fingers for a Magnum, as I thought I would definitely not survive another encounter without some sort of a close range weapon. But instead inside the house was a bear, simple as that, and in the bear there was a note. "Vyshnaya Dubrovka". So having completed my task I hid in the bushes in the middle of nowhere by the edge of the map, and checked in with the rest of the boys- they all met up and were holding a perimeter defence somewhere in Gvozdno, everyone lost a lot of blood. Gvozdno! That's so close to Dubrovka, and we even have a truck! I was thrilled! So in a few minutes they reached the destination, and a few moments later found the last bloody bear! The end. ;)
In the aftermath of it all, right after finding the message one of them died of hypothermia (!), the other one was shot dead while driving the truck on his way to pick me up from the "north pole", and the last one 1-shot-killed on his way from Dubrovka to Grishino... but hell it was all 100% worth!

tl;dr The Event was bloody awesome, praise the admins who made it all possible, thanks everyone who participated in one way or another;) Im quite sure I've had the most fun I've ever had in Dayz today!

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