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Oldschool DayZ Hardcore Server / A possible soloution?
« on: January 19, 2017, 02:36:54 PM »
Hello everyone

I know that this seems a bit off right now, when only looking at videos and certain points, and I would like to be given the opportunity to set this matter straight.

I have come up with a possible solution that will show another perspective.

Since people say that, I use an overlay, I have come up with an idea that might solve this.

I will set up my webcam in front of me, so u can see exactly what I see, so u can see that there is no hacks, overlay, scripting, or ANYTHING!

I do not guarantee the best quality since it is a quite bad webcam (20 dollar or so), but u will still be able to see what is on my screen.

And ofc. If there will be a massive drop in KDR, I guess I can’t do anything. I am not talking about 2-3 rise or drop, but I more like 5-7 drop in KDR.

If anyone have ANY questions about this, ask away ;D

I hope this will be taken into consideration by the administration and the community.

Sincerely Millard

Oldschool DayZ Hardcore Server / Re: Proof of innocence
« on: January 18, 2017, 04:35:39 PM »
yes...go in game and double tap

Oldschool DayZ Hardcore Server / Re: Proof of innocence
« on: January 18, 2017, 03:34:50 PM »
i know what direction they ran up the i was just looking up hill in that direction

if u saw someone running in a certain direction up a hill..would u look towards where they ran? or just somewhere random?

Oldschool DayZ Hardcore Server / Proof of innocence
« on: January 18, 2017, 03:10:41 PM »

1.   going towards the deerstand, had no idea there was players up ahead
        i can see all 3…not full bodies, but i can see 3 ppl moving
3.   obviously
4.   alt key probs…nothing fishy at all
5.   player on stonewall:
        player in the tree:
       regarding weapons: i spot an ak in the beginning when i see the running from deerstand down to the small town, then as i see them on the wall, i can see a mosin, and a carbine hs, so i know            there is still an ak.
        Flank:  the last guy had a carbine hs, and i havent seen him go anywhere next to me, so he had to move into some sort of overwatch position.
6.   how would i know what position hes in, again, i was lucky at this point, u can even see that i get scared, cause i panic raise my gun, but it was already up, so i accidently lowered it, raises it,    and takes the shot.
1.   as u can hear in this video, Methos is provinding me good information, before that, he had been looking over the arier for abouts 10-15 min, while we were in the base, he then spots them,   and i go for them.
1.   as u can hear at 2:07 i get a steam msg. I didnt chack it at that moment, but everytime u see a mouse, it is me having my steam overlay open.
2.   i zoomed in cause as u can see, i am about to check the treeline on my right.
1.   shots in the distance
2.   ofc. my m8 said he would come back, so i just tried to grab some of his gear, and as u said, the shots were in a distance, so ofc. i could eat. And i had to eat to take all my friends gear.
3.   i can hear where the shots is so why would i have to go anywhere else
4.   i could hear shots from the barn, so ofc. i am focused on the barn
5.   just me running and looking towards the last known location of shots
6.   i said ”fuck thats a huge squad” , had no idea there were another squad on the way, i was talking about ur squad.
7.   never saw any dead bodies, so i dont know what u are talking about, i am just clearing out the treeline for possible players.
8.   moe shoot at me
9.   i am not looking at the house, i am looking in the treeline on my left.
10.   hear silenced shots in town
11.   i didnt want to run through the middle of town, so ofc. i decide to run out of town instead of through the middle
12.   just running around town trying to spot u, and u knew i was down there, so u would either engage me, or fall back in a different direction, and i was on north side of town, so u had to be    west or south.
13.   i see the guy in town, so i decide to go after him.
14.   saw the guy run nw behind the house, so im looking at the northwestern corner of the house trying to spot him again
15.   thought that i should have seen u at that point, so i look back to see if u decided to counter flank me
16.   it might be hard to see in the video because of the bad quality, m yingame graphics are way better, its bad because of plays tv.
17.   i thought u would be at the house, but i couldnt see u because u were prone, i then look into the applefield to see if u ran into that, u then crouch, and we start shooting.
18.   u caught me by suprise, so ofc i just went full spray, and u had all the advantages.
        Even the best players can get killed.

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