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Whitelisting and player numbers
posted April 07, 2016, 11:49:16 AM by n4ttl
 Many of you might know that currently the whitelist is turned off. The major reason for that is simply the reason that there are not enough regulars (ie. registered Oldschool players) to fill a server for a whole evening. To have a full server of 50/50 during primetime (ie. from 7.00 pm to 0.00 am) you need about 300-400 players logging in to the server. This might sound weird but it’s a fact that during the typical evening we have about that number of players on our server: people die and log out, squads get wiped and log off together, some players have to quit and the others do not want to risk their gear alone and join a public server,…

As much as we’d love to turn on the whitelist, as it provides extra security from hackers and cheaters, we simply do not get the numbers necessary to fill the server. Every time we had the whitelist turned on during the last weeks the numbers dropped below 20. To get a server full you need what I call the “magic number”, which is more than 35 players online. If you have more than 35 players on your server it fills up to 50 within 20 minutes or so. Might have to do with filters in the server browser that some players do not see servers with less than 35 players in their server browser.

Unlike in the past new players are not that eager to get whitelisted on the server. In 2015 we had had an average of  543 new registrations per month at the forum, in 2016 the average was 233. Currently it is easier to join another server instead of going through the registration process.
There are two major reasons for this decline of players: first of all people are waiting for 0.60 – the 0.59 patch does not provide enough content anymore to make it worth playing DayZ. So hopefully the 0.60 patch will be released this year.
The other reason is the general decline of player numbers in the DayZ Standalone. Looking at this graph you easily see the decline of player numbers since its initial release in December 2013. The data is take from here:

I will not comment this chart any further because the numbers say it all…

Coming back to the whitelist topic: we’d like to turn on the whitelist, but we also like to have a full server because we want to provide you with an awesome gaming experience. As soon as there is a turnaround in player numbers, we are more than happy to turn on the whitelist again. I really hope you understand.

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xx Re: Whitelisting and player numbers (Reply 1)
April 07, 2016, 03:24:52 PM by Aim-iliO (Admin)
It also should be mentioned, that for us it would be a lot easyer to have the whitelist on. This would bring us less work as non whitelisted players dont realy check the forum rules and are not that proud beeing an "Oldschooler", so they dont care about several gentlemans agreements which grow by its own in the past. We have a lot more work with, Glitchers, bugusers and combatloggers who are not whitelisted. The difference between them and an Oldschooler is that they dont get a warning, they just get banned. But thats something, someone has to do. So as mentioned above, we can't wait till 0.60 and the comeback of the "Oldschoolers" to turn the whitelist on.
xx Re: Whitelisting and player numbers (Reply 2)
January 14, 2017, 11:09:00 PM by Berghagen