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xx On the topic of donations...
November 02, 2015, 08:39:12 AM by n4ttl
Perhaps you have heard about this donation problems the owner of DayZRP is in: Long story short: DayZRP got about 70k in donations since 2012 and it appears that the owner spent most of the money on himself. Now Sweden wants income tax from him and he expects the community to bailout him... No wonder the DayZ-community is pissed

So before any rumors start I thought I write this short blogpost about donations and Oldschool DayZ Hardcore.

The webserver which hosts the forum and the whitelist engine is owned by N4ttl and provided to the community free of charge.
The Teamspeak server is owned... <Click to read more>
exclamation Thoughts about 1pp
October 26, 2015, 01:58:15 PM by n4ttl
Couple of days ago, Brian Hicks, producer of DayZ Standalone posted the following line on Twitter: "The thought has crossed my mind to make the Official DayZ servers all 1PP - leave the community the option to run theirs 3PP if they want" ( The result was an uproar in the community -- several threads on Reddit were opened in which the community discussed the pros and cons of first person perspective (1pp) in the DayZ standalone. Although Hicks was only thinking about defaulting the official DayZ servers (the ones provided by Bohemia Inc) to 1pp to introduce new players to 1pp, a lot of people misunderstood him and thought like the Standalone would become 1pp at all.

With now more than 2000 hours of playtime in the DayZ Standalone (and more than 80% of this time on 1pp-only servers) I think I can add my 5 cen... <Click to read more>
smiley Welcome to the Oldschool Blog
October 26, 2015, 10:18:04 AM by n4ttl

I thought it is time to run an Oldschool DayZ Hardcore Blog to share my ideas and plans about the game we all love on our favorite server. I see this blog as something like the official DayZ Developer Blog, although I plan to post updates more regularly and more often than Bohemia Inc. does. About  at least once a week there will be an update, I promise.

So what will you await here?

First and foremost I want to give you information about were Oldschool DayZ Hardcore is heading too. I will give you updates about new rules, new technical stuff and an outlook to what is or might be coming in the next months. I will also share my thoughts about the DayZ Standalone and its current state. I will discuss ideas for events that could be held on Oldschool DayZ... <Click to read more>
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