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Oldschool DayZ Hardcore Server / Donations and stuff
« on: January 07, 2015, 09:46:54 AM »
This thread is mostly for the server owners but I think the community could may give some advise too.

I think you guys are currently struggeling with getting enough donations to actually pay the servers. This is a pitty and should be changed. I haven't donated yet but I will as soon as possible and continue to give my support.

However to get more donations you should consider to implement certain features:

  • have a list in the forums to display the members who have donated.
  • Get them a forum status: "Donator" or something similar. Maybe with different levels: "TOP-Donator", "Donator-Newbie", and so on. This status would need to be renewed every month or changed according to the amount donated
  • If possible with the forum software it would be good to implement some kind of "Donation-bar" to see how much percent of the monthly server fee has been reached
  • If possible with the current server-settings set up a welcome message for donators who join the server. Like e.g.: "Donator XY joined the server. Happy welcome!". This status would need to be renewed every month. Maybe only when reaching a certain donation level.

I have seen things like this on other communities and it worked great. There were people spending a 100€ for getting the server to run further.
But I think you certainly have to offer more of an incentive for people to donate.

Besides my suggested purely cosmetic changes I advise you not to give ANY incentive beside that. No "I give you 2 vehicles at server start when donating 50€".


Campfire stories / Still standing
« on: January 01, 2015, 06:42:52 PM »
A little narration. But you can skip directly to the action.
Happened in Balota. Nabbl versus a group of three.

Oldschool DayZ Hardcore Server / Strange things happen on this server...
« on: December 29, 2014, 12:17:35 AM »
Ok the following happened just 10 minutes ago.

We (friend and I with Ghillie) were at Stary Sobor looking from a hill south of it. It was very dark on Oldschool I. We saw 3 guys standing at a dead body north of Stary and took a Mosin Shot (700m). My friend missed.

The three guys ran around like headless chicken. We just watched them running around as they seemed to search for us. After a while we saw them gathering up in a barn. They wouldn't want to come out of there.

A minute later the server restarted. 23:49 . So I would have understood if it was a normal restart but apparently it wasn't. We logged in again when the server had 14:01 to be safe from a char wipe. Barn dors open, dead zombie right in front of it. 20 seconds later shots were fired in our direction from approximately 100m on our hill. I died and my friend escaped. I was lying on the ground with full ghillie suit. Logging in at the exact same position I was watching them before.


1.) There is definitely a way to force a server restart.
2.) There is a group of at least 3 people who use it.
3.) Before and after the restart the only 3 I have seen had the clantag [HSD]. This is no accusation. It just came up when looking at the server pop. I took a screenshot of the entire list.
4.) They have been killing a player near Stary Sobor. There has been a V3S driving around Stary just before.
5.) I assume they restarted the server and went for a search for us to get to our hill safely. After the restart they immediately connected and ran to our position to kill us.

If someone has any hint how they did it or who it was please send me a PM.

Do you plan to activate it now?

Crashsites are spawning/visible now with enabled persistance. And I couldn't find any loot stashes around. And what is working better also is the respawn of items.

Might need more testing and we can wait for the changelog but so far it looks very good.

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