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Registration Agreement

By agreeing to this registration agreement, you agree to the following restrictions and server rules:

The service of Oldschool DayZ Hardcore on the two gaming servers Oldschool I and Oldschool II and the the forum found at is brought to you as is. You do not have any right to get a certain level of service. You do not have a right on your character in the private hive, should it get wiped due to technical problems.

Cheating and hacking is not allowed. The use of hacks or unfair actions like combat logging or ghosting result in a ban for lifetime.

The operators of this service reserve the right to remove you from the game, from the whitelist and from the forum at any time without any reasons given.

You agree that your personal info you provided to the forum can be used by the operators of this service. You also agree that your GUID  and your in game username can be handed over to other parties to make whitelisting on the gaming servers possible.

GDPR notice

By agreeing to this registration agreement, you furthermore agree that Oldschool DayZ Hardcore is allowed to process the information you provide to this site by registering, editing your profile and/or posting to the forum. For further information please consult our information page about the GDPR found at

Your data will not be handed over to third parties. You can ask for your data to be deleted at any time -- you won't be able to play on the Oldschool gamerserver anymore though.