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Finally! Playerstats available!
posted April 22, 2017, 12:08:16 PM by n4ttl
Currently the DayZ Standalone is not in its best condition because 0.61 patch is not that much promising as many of us hoped for. Although Bohemia already announced in their status updates that 0.63 will be definitely the Beta it is still a long way to go at least until the end of the year. A lot of players left DayZ again to play other games like Player Unknown's Battlegrounds -- and who can't understand them for leaving?

Nevertheless, today I have a topic for you that might freak out some of you totally. Some of you who read this blog might remember of a blogpost from November 7th 2015 where I announced that we are planning statistics like Kills, Deaths and KDR for Oldschool Hardcore players. Unfortunately Bohemia Interactive asked us not to use this statistics because they did not want to see them public for whatever reason they might have. So I had to postpone this plan for an undefined timespan which really sucked, because all the infrastructure was basically working in 2015.

Until recently there was no change in the policies for using the admin logfiles (ADM files). But couple of weeks ago Bohemia changed their server rules for private hives in which they removed the section that forbids the usage of the ADM files for any other purpose other than tracking cheaters and hackers. First we could not believe it and thought about a mistake but Kamil KomĂ­nek from Bohemia Interactive verified that private hives can know use the data to publicly display killstats know.

It appears that this change in policy came unnoticed to the majority of servers.  Well, we used the time to upgrade our infrastructure and TATTAAAAA!!!! today I present you the first iteration of the Oldschool Hardcore player stats (OMG I sound like Brian Hicks ;)).

You can access them in the Oldschool Hardcore forum menu by clicking on Playerstats.

These playerstats are updated once every day during the night (around 4.00 am CET in the morning) and will provide you with the following stats Kills, Deaths, Kill/Death ratio, Headshots and time played. We have more data available and might add further information in the future. And the best of all: as we have a vast collection of ADM files since .58 patch you can view your stats for every patch. This means we are covering for nearly two years of gameplay on Oldschool Hardcore.

However there are some rule to view the stats:

1. you must be a registered member to the Oldschool Hardcore forums
2. your GUID must be in your forum profile
3. you must be a honorful players -- notoric bambikillers will not see their stats on Oldschool

Especially 3. will start some discussions and I want to elaborate: When you spawn into the game as a freshspawn until 15 minutes later we consider you a bambi. Although it is possible for some people to run as far as the Sobors we assume that the majority of players are still rather ill equipped after 15 minutes as a freshspawn. So all those people who enjoy killing freshspawns by camping the coast or making insane Berezino PVP risk that they won't see their stats because if the number of freshspawns/bambis killed is higher than 30 % of your total kills your stats won't be shown in the player stats.


If you have  30 kills and 11 are bambi kills, your stats will not be shown.

If you have 30 kills and 8 bambi kills, your stats will be shown.

The only way to see your stats again is to make more honorable kills inland so that the ratio of bambikills falls below 30 %. You might have notice that some boardleaders like Hlev could make 100 bambi kills and still be not excluded from the boards. This is true but what we found out is that people who play up north usually do not care about killing people in coastal warfare. They only kill bambis when they get attacked after respawning themselves. However, should we realize that some people start exploiting the 30 % rule in order to get a better position in the leaderboards we will also introduce a hard maximum of bambi kills to prevent this exploitation -- never think you can outsmart us ;)

Above I mentioned 1st iteration of the player stats -- perhaps we are introducing other stats as well. Like Kill/hour of playtime, killstats per lifetime, stats for squads, your #1 enemy and your #1 victim, your preferred weapon for kills, kill assists etc. We will see what the future brings.

So enjoy the playerstats -- hope these stats give you a reason to play on your favorite hardcore server again :).

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