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Hicks and Blackout playing 0.60 on PAX
posted April 24, 2016, 07:48:24 AM by n4ttl
Hicks and Blackout playing 0.60 on PAX, after 15 minutes of watching  I saw clipping buildings, a random chirped leg and a lootpile. Frames seem to be decent most of the time though. IMO the high FPS are gained due to fog. Goodbye to long range vision.  We could get excellent FPS with the current renderer if we reduce the max view distance to 600 m. This is what they do ATM...

Also it appears that bad sound quality and broken headsets are a precondition for all official videos of Bohemia Interactive.

I am not hyped. Not hyped at all.

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xx Re: Hicks and Blackout playing 0.60 on PAX (Reply 1)
May 07, 2016, 03:35:25 PM by Zgnilec
"Goodbye to long range vision", from what i read fog will apear only near the coast, and it will be great protection for freshspawns, because people like to snipe them just for fun.