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December update
posted December 13, 2015, 05:59:52 PM by n4ttl
Who would have thought that 0.59 would really happen? Finally after four months Bohemia Interactive released the next patch this week and it brought a us a boost of players and new registrations. I really hope you are enjoying playing the DayZ again.

This brings me to the first topic I want to talk about today: server slots for players. As you might know, we have closed down the second server in November for good. The reason was that it never really was high pop. While everybody wanted to join server #1, the second server was empty most of the time. I discussed this in the past but as I already get requests to open a second server because it is so hard at the moment to get a slot on Oldschool DayZ Hardcore I have to tell you: its not gonna happen. Renting a second server is to expensive, especially if it is just used for gearing up after death on the main server. I think the money donated by the community could be invested better in server #1. We will eventually, and I also promised that in the past, upgrade the server to 75 slots as soon as it becomes available and is stable. So no second server again in the future (at least not before beta).

This leadss to the second thing I wanna bring up. This week Bohemia Interactive updated their policy for monetization . This has already brought up some fears in community that people will have to pay in order to play on DayZ servers (these fears were brought up especially on Reddit). I can assure you that playing on Oldschool DayZ Hardcore is and will ever be free of charge and donations will remain what they are: a voluntarily amount of money to support the community. You will NEVER be charged to play here. What we will eventually introduce is reserved slots once the 75 servers are available. In this case we will do it like the Breaking Point mod does: 70 slots are free for the community, 5 slots are reserved for admin staff and donators. This will also help the admin team to be able to be online on the server. You cannot imagine how frustrating it is when you cannot play on your own server because of high pop ;) -- At the moment I cannot give you any exact dates on when this will happen, it depends on the release schedule of Bohemia Interactive, which is as unpredictable as Heisenbergs uncertainty principle. I will keep you updated on this topic.

Last month I promised leaderboards. Unfortunately I have to postpone the original schedule for an indefinite time. Bohemia Interactive made it clear that at the current state of the game we are not allowed to use the admin logfiles for something else than finding hackers. I do not want to risk this server to be taken down because of breaking BIs guidelines for running a server. I can assure you that we are working on this and it would actually already be possible to publish leaderboards. I have no idea when Bohemia allows us to use the information in the logfiles for stuff like leaderboards. I assume that it will be possible at least with beta, probably earlier, we will see.

I'd be very happy if you would leave a comment and you share your thoughts about Oldschool DayZ Hardcore.

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xx Re: December update (Reply 1)
December 14, 2015, 05:58:42 PM by Spof
Good job, and good decision on the 75p server. As it is now, BI have a lot to live up to regarding network performence and new renderer. That will decide the future of the dayz community.