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Author Topic: Vybor's car  (Read 891 times)

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Vybor's car
« on: April 22, 2017, 12:06:55 PM »
This is a little story that probably some of you "lived" with us but I would like to know the full history about this car! This happened somedays ago 18/April/2017

My friend and me were around Vibor's military base and we saw alerted zombies walking so we checked outside and we could hear the engine of a car inside, there was a "Offroad Hatchback"  crashed in the barrack with a lot of zombies around.

There were not nobody in the military base, it was clear! outside there were ruined clothes, we checked the car and it had a AK74U, fuel, the spark plug, battery and 3 wheels, the last one was ruined so we went to Vybor to find a new one and we did it.

After to repair the wheel, we got into a car and our other 2 friends came with us, we stopped here to take this screenshot

We followed the road until Kabanino where a guy shot the driver and he was unconscious

I left the car and shot him but he ran away bleeding, my friend woke up and we tried to move the car but there was another guy that shot us so we left the car to take positions.

I tried to move the car but I was shot from everywhere and I died in the field inside of the car because there were snipers in the forest in front of me.

My friends kept fighting until they died with other guys.

What happened with that car before we found him at Vibor's military? why it was crashed there? What happened with that car after we died?

If anyone know it please, leave a comment!

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