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Author Topic: Master and servant - the cursed SVD  (Read 1142 times)

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Master and servant - the cursed SVD
« on: February 06, 2017, 12:43:06 PM »
Campfire-stories are told, but nothing can match the truth about the cursed SVD.

It's said to be the deadliest weapon to be found in Chernarus. But what bandits and survivors don't understand, is that it's more dangerous to the person who has the finger on the trigger. It´s the story of the Master and it's servants.

It will get you killed a lot quicker than any other gun you carry.

Last night at the NWAF the SVD played it's game again. First it shredded two mercenaries before it decided to leave the owner. Lying on the ground, the Master cried out for another victim. It didn`t took long before it was on it's way to Vybor. The puppet went stealthy through the town with his "precious". But the Master wanted it differently. Again it cried out the silent scream, froze time and called out for ultimat punishment. Death.

The poor soldier was slayed by a horde of zombies in the city. As his body froze he only heard his flesh getting ripped and the color of the sky turned dark.

Hopefully the SVD still stays hidden in the city of Vybor.

Do not pick the SVD up. The only remedy that might help is carry the Bible close to your heart.

But if your faith ain't strong enough and the Master brings it's wrath upon you – carry as little ammo as possible. The more ammo, the faster the silent cry will roar and the cursed weapon will end up in the hands of another doomed soul.

Don't forget, you will die. That is the Master's wish – your death.
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Re: Master and servant - the cursed SVD
« Reply #1 on: February 06, 2017, 05:18:51 PM »
Gotta give it to you Hal, I started touching myself midways through.

Therse a lot of thruth behind the story. Any firefight, any ammount of players - The SVD will be chased down first.
Sort of unfortunate, but, at the same time, understandable.

Seems like the only reasonable way to use it is with a shittone of improv. surpressors, although that basically reduces the ROF to something of a winnie-rifle.
Greatest thing about the SVD itself is that you're able to get a scope on top of it which has useable chevrons whilst still having a good effective range to utilize the chevrons.

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