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Author Topic: Announcement regarding Millard  (Read 2103 times)

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Announcement regarding Millard
« on: January 18, 2017, 01:20:34 AM »
First of all some statistics/facts about Millard aka Ilovedayz:

Millard has
1 vac ban and 1 game ban less than 180 days.
Eddit 01.02.2016 1 Vac ban more than 980 days
Eddit 01.02.2016
Eddit 01.02.2016 1 Vac ban less than 30 days
Eddit 01.02.2016
Eddit 01.02.2016 1 New account where he advertises cheat hompage in his name
Eddit 01.02.2016

He has/had his own public Standalone server where he duped (told me)
He uses glitches to get an advantage (Vybor spawn, S&D)
His development from 0.60 to 0.61 was insane and it dropped drasticaly since he has to record his kills.
Eddit 01.02.2016 He has been banned from UKA over 1 year agon because he came into TS and offerd to teleport to their (UKA admins) teammates.


21 Kills 26 Deaths in 63 Hours ingametime
K/D 0,81  Kills/hours 0,33

0.61 before he had to record

36 Kills  4 Deaths in 32 hours ingame time
K/D 9  Kills/hour 1,125

0.61 after he had to record (started the 06.01) till now

78 kills in 82 hours ingame time
K/D 3,9  Kills/hour  0,95

But now lets analize some recordings.  Millards view.  Franks View.

1. Video starts with Millard walking up the hill, not looking around at this point. Clearly focused on what's ahead of him. He yells out (00:03) using the ingame voip even though he has not seen anyone yet (the players he will spot soon arrive from ahead, moving in the opposite direction to Millard).

2. When he gets to a semi-flat part of the hill he starts moving in one direction keeping ground as cover between him and the players he will spot soon. He spots some players and reports his findings to his teammates. At that point 2 enemy players are clearly visible and third one is heavily obstructed by bushes.
His report to teammates includes all 3 of them.

3. After enemy players pass the town millard invites his teammates to watch his livestream.

4. While going uphill, his view "pops" automaticaly serveral times to the location where the enemy is. Clearly seen in (4:35) dispite he is walking in a different direction.

5. Eddit 01.02.2016 (4:58) Millard Zooms into a treetrunk. Right behind the treetrunk is a player in the pinetree. He spots him at (5:03) " Oh, one is right in..." .

6. He continues following straight in their direction. Millard makes a short flanking manouver, constantly looking in the direction of the enemies abstructed by the ground. After getting to the top of the hill he spots one of the enemies under a tree (05:02). No other enemies are visible but Millard proceeds to report to his team that the enemies are "running to him". He lays down and while not having any view of the enemies and not spotting enemies stopping, moving or doing anything he reports (05:15) that some of them are sitting by the stone wall. From (06:35) atches a group of trees behind which one of the enemy players is hiding. He can't know if there is anyone in this group of trees but at (06:37) he purposely moves left to get direct line of sight on the player between the trees. Notice his perfect knowledge of the enemy weapons at (07:50). After that he proceeds following the third player whos possition he shouldn't know and kills him in the nearby treeline. What you can see in this video is work of overlay ESP or other kind of cheat providing the same features. His knowledge of the enemy position and movement, his knolwedge about enemy equipment and his use of sold ground as cover before spotting the enemies are all clear indications of that.

7. (8:21) Millard does an "alibi Check" (looking in a different direction shortly before spotting a player to distract from the ESP.) . We will see this several times.

1. From the very first second Millard is looking straight at the position where the oponent is. From the 1 minute 39 seconds it took him to aproach over a very highly pvp area, he only looked in a different direction for a total of 17 seconds.

2. (0:19) Millard zooms into the trees. Right behind them several hundred meters away is the location of his oponent.

3. (1:17) Millard does an "alibi Check" (looking in a different direction shortly before spotting a player to distract from the ESP) . We will see this several times.

1. (2:36) Shot is hearable. Millard instantaniously stops, a mouse symbol pops up. Shortly later he continues running.

2. (2:53) Millard zooms into the ground maybe searching for worms. Directly behind this hill where he is zooming is Vyshnoye where the shots came from.  This is interesting because we got involved in this fight.

1. (3:01) Shots in the distance.

2. (4:10) Millard goes prone by the body of his mate having shot rounds and hearing shots in the distance and starts looting and eating calmly as if it would be the savest place in the world.

3. (5:51) Millard stands up, and goes directly into the direction where the shots came from before. Nabbl our teammate died there and there where people arround. Moe was moving trough the southwest side of the town towards Nabbls position.

4. 6:06 Millard zooms several times exactly into the direction where the enemy was behind a farm building.

5. While crossing the field he is zooming the whole time towards Moe, like he would know that from the front, where the shots came from there is no danger (Nabbl was unconscious, the oponent retreated).

6. 7:11 " Fuck, there is a mega squad comming" 2 minutes later Overlord spotted the "White Helmets" in the town, which came in a group of 5 from toploniki.

7. 7:21 His direction brings him directly to the unconscious Nabbl who had a SVD.

8. 7:27 Moe spots him and shoots at him.

9. While he is flanking he is constantly looking at the Green&orange house trough the trees where moe is sitting in.

10. 8:07 at that moment Aim-iliO finished the last zombie in front of moes house and am looking in his direction where he is covered by the wall. Millard rises the gun and aims in the direction of the house.

11. 08:09 shortly after the last suppressed shot we leave the house and retread together to the northwest. Millerd suddenly desides to make a bigger flank.

12. 8:32 Millard is looking exactly at the direction we are moving.

13. 8:38 from exactly that direction I got shot 2-3 minutes befor by a sniper.

14. 8:47 Millard is looking exactly where we are behind the green house.

15. 8:51 Millard does an "alibi Check" (looking in a different direction shortly before spotting a player to distract from the ESP) . We will see this again in this clip.

16. 9:02 "AKM Drum mag" impossible to see the drum mag there. He decides to make an other flank and looses complete sight on us.

17. 9:25 Millard does an "alibi Check" (looking in a different direction shortly before spotting a player to distract from the ESP)

18. Full auto with an akm is not very 9er K/D.

The summ of all this little suspicious details made us decide, that Millard is not wellcome on Oldschool anymore.  We apologize to all the players who encountered him while the admin team was making up the final decision.

We banned players before only based on their Stats without any further discussion, but this was the first time we had to judge over an Oldschooler. We want to make clear, that we are not 100% sure that he cheated but based on the above mentioned facts, we decided that it will be the best way for all Oldschoolers, to not have him on Oldschool.

Kind Regards
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