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Author Topic: Not everyone is made for close quarters.... Chatting  (Read 514 times)

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Not everyone is made for close quarters.... Chatting
« on: November 29, 2014, 12:41:04 AM »
A few moments ago, after overwatching electro a person who played the first time with me and myself went to elektro in order to have some nice contacts. I met a guy on the street and my mate gave him a kitchen knife to open cans. Had a short talk, meanwhile our snipers who watched our steps got a short visit by someone who wanted that one of our sniper surreders. We heard the discussion via TS but were to far away to do something. So I continued to talk to the guy while my mate was checking the sourrundings, meanwhile a guy with a shotgun entered the yard behind the supermarket in elektro, I also chatted with him, and gave him some shotgun shells, while shots of an pistol and a mosin got fired not far away.

That was the moment when I noticed that the guy who was with me started to panic and would have shot everything who would have come on the yard. This could end in a situation I wouldn't like, so I decided to leave electro.

What did I learn... Not everyone is made for friendly talking while shots are fired.

I'm the friendliest guy in Chernarus if you kill me I will be reborn, but if you kill my friends.... I WILL COME FOR YOU!