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Author Topic: We are now on discord!  (Read 2646 times)

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We are now on discord!
« on: September 06, 2016, 03:04:37 PM »
Hello Everyone,
Some of you suggested to give discord a try. So we did set up a discord server for our community and wanted to give it a try.
For everyone who doesn’t know discord can check it out here:
It tries to combine different services to one.

As I said we created a server for to which all of you can connect as long as you have a verified discord account and the account is older than 5min.

After you joined you will need this invite link:
Just klick on the “+” on the left side and enter the link to join the server

With this we want to create a good or better experience for player communicating with each other.
After you joined there will see two groups. The main text channel and one which is called “requests". If you want to get access to the different subchannels for the survivors/traders/bandits or peacekeepers just request that access in the request channel. Also you can request your own voice chat there if you want to have one. But be aware! You can only be in one group at a time!
After one of us granted you access to one of the groups you can talk to other groupe mates about group related stuff there.

The public channel will still be there for everyone.

We encourage player to give away ingame information with this application. Like simulating a public communication channel between all players.

For example you can easily have a talk with the guys you had a fight with.

We will expand it in future and also we are up for suggestions with it. So feel free to give us a hint if you got a good idea for it.

Join our discord now and have a nice talk with us :)

PS: We still set it up so be patient with us please.
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Re: We are now on discord!
« Reply #1 on: September 06, 2016, 04:48:34 PM »
Keep in mind you can change your username for this specific Discord server. So e.g. you can change your name to be the same as your ingame one but keep the original one for other Discord servers. Just right-click on your name in the userlist on the right → Change Nickname.
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