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Author Topic: NEW TO THE SERVER? READ THIS FIRST!  (Read 43821 times)

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« on: November 27, 2014, 05:37:30 PM »
How to get whitelisted in five steps!

Step 1: Register at
If you have not done it yet, do it now!

Step 2: Server rules
If you want to play on this server you have to accept our rules. Read them carefully. You will find them here --> Server Rules.

Step 3: Applying for membership as Verified Player!
After you created your account you have to apply for membership in the group of verified players. You have to write a small application text why you wanna be part of this community. Don't be retarded and write something like "I wanna play" or "My friend plays here" -- this will be rejected. Put some effort into it. We wanna know who you are and why you wanna play on our server.

Open your profile and choose group membership

Choose verified player (whitelist) from the list of available groups. Only this group gives you access to the game server!

Write your application text and submit it. Please put some effort in your application!

(A more detailed, yet outdated description can be found here: Player verification)

IMPORTANT: You have to apply for the verified players group. Joining Bandits, Peacekeepers, etc will not make you join the server.

Step 4: Register your GUID

The GUID is a representation of your steam64-id. It is a 32-character long string consisting of the letters a-f and the numbers 0-9. This GUID is needed by Battleeye to identify you when you join the server. So do this step carefully. If you are not careful it won't work. Here is how you get your GUID from the steam64-id:

Now put the GUID in your profile. Open your forum profile...

...copy in your GUID and save it:

More detailed, yet outdated information about GUID can be found here: GUID registration

Step 5: Wait

When you did everything correct, you should be able to play after the next server restart. Currently there is a server restart every 6 hours (at 2.00 am CET,  8.00 am CET, 2.00 pm CET, 8.00 pm CET). If it does not work after the next restart, double check your steps. You most probably did something wrong. The whole thing is an automated process, so any problem is 99.9% on your side ;)

WE DO NOT PUT PLAYERS ON THE WHITELIST ON DEMAND. Everybody has to wait. Even if you are a popular Youtuber or Streamer.


If you did not follow these steps carefully, you won't be able to join the server. You can check the Hall of Shame if your GUID is there. Its a list of wrong entered GUIDs. This shows only the GUIDs that are so horribly wrong that it is obvious. If you just misplaced two letters in your GUID of if you typed an "e" instead of "c" (a common mistake) your GUID will be wrong but it will not be in the hall of shame (the program does not know if 1234 or 1324 is correct). As you can see there are a lot of people who are not able to follow a simple tutorial. Do not be one of them.

Here is a short graphical illustration of the whole whitelist registration process:

Here is a short tutorial on how to get on the whitelist (a updated version by Miller (he did the former video too)

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