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Author Topic: Charity company : Accadacca & Jingles  (Read 500 times)

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Charity company : Accadacca & Jingles
« on: April 12, 2015, 09:47:47 PM »
Greetings everybody,from the charity group of Bambiland! If you need any food,water,starting items just come to Berezino,and we will find you! Take for free any item from Green pepper seeds to chinese fresh rice. Come now and get a free can of Pipsi with it aswell!
Ever felt like being helpess,without food,without any kind of weapons to defend yourself, without any way of surviving as a Bambi in this harsh world. Well say no more, and just head in to Bereizno to the Charity company of Accadacca & Jingles. Unlimited food, drinks , weapons and many more , just here, just now, for free! Every bambi is welcomed!
Ever felt like being not of any use to the world anymore, the world is dieing as it is and you feel like you are going down with it? Well time to make a change! Just head into Berezino to the Charity company and become of use. Lots of new posibilities and jobs are availible for the better of mankind! Farmer, scavenger, shooter, medic and many more! Come and find out what you are good at! We are stronger together.
 Donations of any kind are acceptable. Every donation goes 100% for the bambies.   #We#Care              ~ Charity company : Accadacca & Jingles

Slave market will be open for business, soon!