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Imprint and GDPR

Postadresse, Medieninhaber und für den Inhalt Verantwortlich

Natascha Chrobok
Stutterheimstraße 16-18 Stiege 2 5. OG Top 1
1150 Wien

Email: n4ttl AT oldschooldayz DOT net ist eine private Webseite mit dem Ziel ein Diskussionsforum für das Computerspiel DayZ anzubieten. Gleichzeitig bietet es die Möglichkeit für im Forum registrierte Benutzer, den vom Betreiber dieser Webseite angebotenen spielswerver Oldschool zu benutzen. Diese Seite ist eine Fanseite und wird von Fans für Fans betrieben. Sie hat keinen kommerziellen hintergrund. Anfragen bitte an die oben angeführte Adresse richten (AT durch @ ersetzen, DOT durch .)

Oldschool DayZ Hardcore is a 100% private Website run by private persons for a hobby. No data is handed over to third persons. It is important, that you understand that all the information you provide is used to run this service.

Usage of personal data

Personal data which is used on this website follows the regulations of the GDPR (DSGVO, Datenschutzgrundverordnung). Detailed information about the GDPR can be found on the homepage of the Austrian Datenschutzbehörde, the Austrian government organization for data protection or at :, zur DSGVO hier:

Usage of personal data on this website

If you use functionality of this website, which needs the input of personal data you give the permission, that we can process this data in the way it is intended, ie. to run this service. Personal data is processed on this website if you.

Depending on which functionality you used on this website and which personal data you provided willingly, the following data might be stored: first name, last name, nickname, date of birth, email address, avatar, open id, steam id, date of registration, username, password and which activity you had on this site (ie. posting an article, etc.).

Usage of Data

Personal data like email addresses etc. which is provided to us will not be shown publicly or provided to other users of this service. The idea of a forum however is to make some information public, like your posts to the forum. In this cases you have to approve that a post is actually processed by the forum by clicking the submit button.

Usage of automatic generated data

Each access of this website generates data on our webserver that will be saved. All this information is saved in a anonymized way which makes it impossible for us to track personal information or cross reference this data with information stored in the forum. The following information is stored: IP-Address of the connecting computer, timestamp, name of the site on your webservice accessed, method of access (usually GET/POST, type of browser that was used. This data is used to provide logfiles in case of a technical problem with the webserver. This access logs will be deleted regularly (about every other month).


Our website uses “cookies” (small files used by your browser and stored on your computer) to provide the services of the forum. This information is used to reckognize you when you log in to the forum and that you don’t have to log in again every time you use the website (if you chose this option). A cookie has a certain lifetime and is automatically deleted by your browser. You can delete cookies directly in the options of your browser – please refer to your browsers manual to find out how this works on your system

Right of information, correction and deletion

The GDPR/DSGVO gives you the right to get information about which data is stored on this website. Please refer to the email address provided in the Impressum and send a written request to this address. In order to make sure that you are the person you claim to be please add some means to make it possible to identify yourself. This is needed to make it impossible for people to claim to be you and try to maliciously get to your personal data. You can even claim that your data and your information stored on this website is deleted.

Datatransfer to other countries

Personal data is not transferred to datacenters in third countries by our webserver. Our webserver is based in Germany, however this is an Austrian service. However, some of the services we use in webpages might send some data to third countries. This happens for instance if you watch an embedded Youtube videos. The information that might be collected by services like Youtube can and will not be cross referenced with data stored in this forum. Services we use: OneAll (to quickly register with your SteamId)
JQuery (for some Javascript magic to happen on this site
Googles Ajax API (for some additional Javascript magic)
Datatables (for the Killstats lists)

GUID usage

Oldschool is a gaming community that provides a gameserver for the computer game DayZ. In order to make it possible for registered forum members to use the whitelist (ie. making it possible that only registered members can play on the game server), your GUID needs to be processed and transferred to the game server. The GUID is a special non-reversable representation of your steam id in order to get a unique id. This GUID then is used to create a whitelist that is used by the gameserver to find out if you are allowed to play on the server. It is essential for you to play that we have your GUID. If you do not want this information to be stored, there is no technical way we can give you access to our game service. Sorry.