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Running a private DayZ server is expensive, it currently costs us EUR 118.13 a month. Without the help of donations we are unable to keep up this service for a longer time. When there is not enough money to fund the server we would have to shut down the server for good. Please do not let this happen. Support us with a few Euros to make it possible to keep up this awesome server and community. Every dime helps. Thank you!

Oldschool VIPs

Unfortunately the Oldschool VIP program is not available in 0.61 because with the newly implemented queue the reserved slots are not working.

We are an officially approved server monetizer: Bohemia Interactive - Approved Server Monetizers

Support so far for October 2019

Running the Oldschool DayZ Hardcore Servers currently costs us EUR 118.13 per month (20 % VAT included).Please help us running this server by donating. Every help is appreciated. For our October 2019 goal we currently need another EUR 118.13 to reach our donation goal of EUR 118,13 to keep the server running this month. Please help us keeping up this service and make it possible to keep up this server another month. Thank you so much for your help.

Donation Goal for October 2019
EUR 0.00 of EUR 118.13 (0.00 %)

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Important! If you use another email address for the Paypal donation than you used to register to Oldschool forums, then please add this Email to your forum profile. There is a field called "Alternate Email" which is used for this. Otherwise we cannot connect the donation to the account.

We really want to give you your VIP status, but when we do not know who you are we can't do that. So please double check your email address and your profile.

Thank you so much in advance for your support. You guys are the best and you know it. ;D